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The truth about getting the best from people

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  • "Getting the best from people"@en
  • "Getting the best from people"

  • "In the Second Edition of the successful book, The Truth About Getting the Best From People, Martha Finney shares over 60 proven principles for achieving employee engagement one-hundred percent of the time. This new edition features more than 15 new truths including: managing virtual teams, building persuasive skills, tuning into your own unconscious biases, managing multiple generations, and identifying and cultivating individual high performers."
  • "The Truth About Series offers in each book the collected and distilled knowledge on a topic and how you can use this knowledge in your daily life. With an "aha" on every page, information is presented in a clear and accessible style that the reader can easily reference."
  • "On how to achieve success in working life."

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  • "The truth about getting the best from people"@en
  • "The truth about getting the best from people"
  • "The truth about getting the best from people : ["Get rid of the carrot and the stick"]"
  • "Sarvāṅkaḍūna utkr̥shṭa yogadāna miḷaviṇe"
  • "Tirer le meilleur de mon équipe"
  • "Haqa'iq hawla al-idārah al-faʻʻālah lil-muwaẓẓafīn : kayfa tuhaqiq aʻlá ada' lil-al-ʻāmilīn : 49 haqiqa li-tahfiz al-ada'"
  • "حقائق حول الإدارة الفعالة للموظفين : كيف تحقق اعلى اداء للعاملين : 49 حقيقة لتحفيز الأداء"