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Suzanne Farrell coaching Meditation

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  • "Coaching Mediation"
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  • "Meditation"

  • "Suzanne Farrell discusses George Balanchine's Meditation, which was the first ballet Balanchine created for Farrell; where she learned that this was happening; how did she discover what Meditation would be; how was she dressed for the first rehearsal; when did the costume dress come into the process; Jacques d'Amboise's original outfit for the opening night, and how it changed to a more contemporary costume after that performance; wearing her hair down for the first time on stage and how that affected her movement; the importance of the eyes in this work; how Farrell had trouble with the opening entrance; Balanchine leaving for Hamburg during the middle of the rehearsal process so didn't work on Meditation for several weeks at that point; how this piece has very detailed movement but not typical Balanchine steps; Farrell's book entitled, Holding onto the Air, refers to a comment Balanchine made to her during the choreographic process of the opening entrance; how learning and teaching the man's role has been an advantage for her; Balanchine giving the piece to her in 1965 and how he didn't want anyone else to perform it, so she didn't let other companies perform it until after Balanchine's death; how Farrell starts teaching this ballet; Balanchine wanting visual expressions to come out of the movement and music; and the bond that Balanchine and Farrell had because of how they listening to music in the same way."
  • "Suzanne Farrell coaching Meditation."

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  • "Suzanne Farrell coaching Meditation"@en
  • "Suzanne Farrell coaching Meditation"
  • "Suzanne Farrell coaching 'Meditation'"