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[Photograph album of Henry William Ravenel]

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  • "Also includes cartes-de-visite of engravings of R. Brown and William J. Hooker, of London; engravings cut to size of Louis Agassiz, Alexander von Humboldt, Edward Hitchcock, Joseph Henry, Benjamin F. Silliman, and A.D. Bache."
  • "Album compiled by Henry W. Ravenel with fifty-three cartes-de visite of distinguished botanists of the world: Eugene A. Rau, Thomas M. Peters, Rev. M.A. Curtis, Asa Gray, John Torrey, Horace Mann, Leo Lesquereux, A.W. Chapman, George Englemann, Henry Sartwell, Francis Wolle, W.S. Sullivant, Addison Brown, John S. Billings, John Gamgee, F. Peyre Porcher, Thomas Meehan, Horatio C. Wood Jr., Stephen Olney, Edward Tuckerman, H. Willey, John Bachman, M.J. Berkley, Elias Fries, George Bentham, G.W. Clinton, Hardy Croom, Coe Austin, Will Camby, F. Baron Thumen, Baron Fred. von Muller, Joseph D. Hooker, W.G. Farlow, J.B. Ellis, C.H. Peck, M.C. Cooke, W.W. Denslow."

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  • "[Photograph album of Henry William Ravenel]"