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The Levant : a fractured mosaic

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  • "At the outset of the 21st century, perhaps the most interesting feature of the Levant (in Arabic, Bilad al-Sham), in the midst of an over whelmingly Sunni Muslim Arab world, is the command of the entire coastal zone from Cilicia south to Sinai either by non-Arabs or by Arabs who are not Sunni Muslims. The reality overshadows the Levantine interior. In the central Levant the mountain has come to town with the Alawi political ascendance in Damascus in the south, Israeli military and economic power dominates the Palestinians and Jordanians. The transformation in less than a century is remarkable."

  • "History"
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  • "The Levant : a fractured mosaic : with a revised and updated epilogue"
  • "The Levant : a fractured mosaic"
  • "The Levant : a fractured mosaic"@en
  • "Levant : a fractured mosaic"@en