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The encyclopedia of American religions : supplement

Volumes 1-3 located in Reference.

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  • "Companion to the 3 v. American religious creeds includes essay chapters and directory listings grouped by religious "families." Vol. 1(lx, 460 p.) covers, the "Western liturgical family" of Roman Catholic Church, Old Catholicism, Anglicanism, the Eastern liturgical family, Lutheran family, Reformed-Presbyterian family, Pietist-Methodist family, Holiness family, Pentecostal family, and European Free-church family. Vol. 2 (lx, 460 p.) covers the Baptist family, independent fundamentalist family, Adventist family, liberal family, Latter-day saints family, Communal family, Christian Science-metaphysical family, and Spiritualist, psychic, and New Age family. Vol. 3 (lx, 434 p.) includes the ancient Wisdom family, Magick family, Middle Eastern family (Judaism), Middle Eastern family (Islam, Zoroastrianism, Baha'i), and Eastern family (Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism) and Eastern family (Buddhism, Shintoism, Japanese new religions)."
  • "A compilation of creeds, confessions, statements of faith, and summaries of doctrine of religious and spiritual groups in the United States and Canada."
  • "Volumes 1-3 located in Reference."@en
  • "Profiles more than 2,100 North American religious groups and features over 200 new entries and a new chapter on the Interfaith and Ecumenical family."@en
  • ""Contains general essays that historically trace the major religious families and traditions, as well as directory listings that include contact and descriptive information on individual churches, religious bodies, and spiritual groups."--About this e-book p."@en
  • "This encyclopedia, revised and expanded, contains over 2600 descriptive entries on the religious and spiritual groups of the United States and Canada."@en
  • "Comprehensive coverage of more than 2,300 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada -- from Adventists to Zen Buddhists. Information is presented in two distinct sections, essays and directory listings describing the historical development of religious families and providing factual information about each group within those families. Includes, when available, rubrics for membership figures, educational facilities and periodicals."

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