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La rupture

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  • "Una mujer huye de su esposo después que este ha maltratado brutalmente a su hijo."
  • "A woman with a checkered past divorces her abusive, drug-addicted husband after he beats up their young son, breaking his leg and giving him a concussion. The husband's wealthy family tries to gain custody of the boy through the courts, but when that fails they hire a man to do whatever it takes to discredit the mother."
  • "A taut, diabolical thriller about a woman who leaves her drug-addicted husband after he violently attacks their child while in a schizophrenic haze. His aristocratic parents hire a brutal private detective to turn up incriminating evidence in order to discredit her in a child custody suit."
  • "Helene (Stephane Andran) is a good mother with a checkered past. She divorces her husband after he attacks her and her son over breakfast. Her former in-laws attempt to gain custody of the son by hiring a seedy penniless operative (Jean-Pierre Cassel) to destroy her reputation."

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  • "La rupture"
  • "La Rupture"