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Free from guilt

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  • "In Free from guilt, Cameron Jamieson has it all: money, looks and brains. A genius and MTI double degree graduate and lecturer, it's going to take more than men preaching from an outdated book to make a believer out of him. He's not alone in his thinking. Grandma BB, is a seventy-something, childless widow full of life. Her antics are legendary among her surrogate family, the Jamieson, her facebook fans and the local law enforcement. Grandma BB and surrogate grandson, Cameron make a pact that regardless of the Jamieson's shared testimonies, songs sung, or sermons preached, they will not be moved. But when Cameron's intelligence is met with Gabrielle Dupree's quiet strength and deep love for the LORD, he finds his match. For once his heart threatens to betray his mind as Cameron is torn between two women and pursued by a God he just can't understand."
  • ""God's desire is that everyone should be saved . . . including Cameron Jamieson. A tenth generation descendant of a royal African tribe and the Jamiesons' leading genealogy sleuth, Cameron is accustomed to being part of a close-knit family. But one by one, Cameron witnesses the men in his family submit to repentance and righteous living. Cameron is absolutely determined not to go down without a fight, He's multi-degreed, jaw-dropping fine, and financially secure. In his mind, Cameron's got it all. But when he meets the beautiful Gabrielle Dupree, her humble disposition and love for God reveals Cameron's spiritual deficit. Every philosophical argument he throws her way, Gabrielle confronts with the truth of God's Word, making him question his intellect. Gabrielle is a romantic at heart and she's even secretly created a list of all the qualities she wants in a man-- 'God-fearing' is at the top. So when she finds herself attracted to Cameron, in order not to yield to temptation, she calls for spiritual backup. When the Lord comes to her rescue, Cameron won't be able to explain what hit him."--Dust jacket."

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  • "Free from guilt"