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Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays & lectures

Covers Emerson's most productive period, and encompasses his richest and most important works.

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  • "Essays and lectures"
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  • "Essays & lectures"

  • "Covers Emerson's most productive period, and encompasses his richest and most important works."@en
  • "Contains an annotated edition of American writer and thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson's 1832-60 prose works including "Nature, Addresses, and Lectures," "Essays: First Series," "Essays: Second Series," "Representative Men," "English Traits," and "The Conduct of Life.""@en
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  • "Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays & lectures"@en
  • "Essays and lectures : Nature ; Addresses and Lectures ; Essays : First and Second Series ; Representative men ; English Traits ; The Conduct of Life ; Uncollected Prose"@en
  • "Ralph Waldo Emerson"@en
  • "Essays and lectures"@en
  • "Essays and lectures"
  • "Essays and lectures ; nature ; addresses and lectures ; essays : first and second series ; representative men"@en
  • "Essays & lectures : Nature; Adresses and lectures; Essays: First and second series; Rapresentative men; English traits; The conduct of life"
  • "Essays and Lectures [LOA, 1983]"@en
  • "Essays and lectures : Nature; addresses and lectures. Essays; first and second series. Representative men, English traits, the conduct of life, uncollected prose"
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  • "Essays & [and] lectures"
  • "Essays & lectures"@en
  • "Essays & lectures"