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Arms control policy a guide to the issues

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  • "Specifically, the handbook overviews the obligations contained in bilateral U.S.-Soviet/Russian and multilateral arms control agreements covering nuclear and nonnuclear weapons. It also treats such agreements as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the nuclear test ban treaties, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Treaty to Ban Land Mines, and the Treaty to Ban Cluster Munitions. The book concludes with a look at the current challenges in the implementation of arms control agreements and the future of arms control. --Book Jacket."
  • "Arms Control Policy: A Guide to the Issues examines the history of the major arms control treaties since the early 1960s. It offers readers a broad understanding of the ways in which arms control agreements were negotiated and implemented during the Cold War, the international and national events that affected treaty negotiation and implementation, and how the arms control landscape has changed in the war's aftermath."
  • "The volume looks at both the recent history of arms control and the future of arms control in a complex and evolving international context. It describes the nuts and bolts of treaty negotiation and implementation as well as describing the changing theoretical perspectives on the role of arms control in international relations. It examines dilemmas and controversies that arise in treaty negotiations and obstacles to the effectiveness and success of treaty regimes."
  • "Arms control was an issue of perennial concern during the second half of the 20th century and continues to command attention today. How did the many arms control treaties come to be, what have they accomplished, and, perhaps most important, where do we go from here?"

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  • "Arms control policy a guide to the issues"
  • "Arms control policy : a guide to the issues"