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Sampattige savāl

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  • "Sampatthige saval"
  • "Sampathige saval"
  • "Sampathigay saval"

  • "Originally released theatrically in 1976."
  • "The film is distinguished by its rural setting and the theme of exploitation of villagers by landlord-moneylender. It is an angry film that seeks to tackle inequality that haunts the village society. The simple (almost simplistic) and straight forward plot tells the story of a brave young man, Virabhadra, who stands up to Siddappa, the oppressive strong man of the village and his arrogant daughter, Durgi. The film focuses on the lives of two fatherless brothers, who are brought up by their mother. Their father had worked for Siddappa, but the latter refused to help this family in their hour of need, after the father died. His callous attitude turned young Virabhadra into a rebel and he refused to work for Siddappa, unlike his his docile older brother, who not only worked for him but also believed in Siddappa's explanation and further, accepted a cash gift-loan from Siddappa for his marriage."
  • "Popular Kannada motion picture."

  • "Television"
  • "Drama"

  • "Sampattige savāl"
  • "Sampattige Saval = Sampatthige saval"