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TEDTalks Chris Jordan - Picturing Excess

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  • "Chris Jordan"
  • "Chris Jordan - Picturing Excess"
  • "Picturing Excess"

  • "Photographer Chris Jordan makes large-format, long-zoom artwork with a focus on American consumption. His 2003 - 2005 series "Intolerable Beauty" examines his hypnotic allure of the sheer amount of stuff we make and consume each day: cliffs of baled scrap, small cities of shipping containers, endless grids of mass-produced goods. His book In Katrina's Wake: Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster is a chilling, unflinching look at the toll of the storm. His latest series of photographs, "Running the Numbers," is sprinkled with alarming statistics like "We use two million plastic bottles in five minutes." In this TEDTalk, Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. His supersized images depict unimaginable statistics, like the astonishing number of paper cups we use each day."

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  • "TEDTalks Chris Jordan - Picturing Excess"