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Przedwiośnie The spring to come

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  • "A young Pole living in Baku loses his new love and his mother when the Russian Revolution sweeps over the city. Leaving for Poland, he experiences the war with the Bolsheviks and later tries to lead a peaceful life on his friend's estate, but is caught up in the conflicts of love and the appeal of revolutionary ideas."
  • "Cezary Baryka lives in Baku. He wants to become a petrol engineer. When he is in love for the first time, the Revolution enters the city. His friends, his girlfriend and his mother die. Cezary, persuaded by his father, leaves for Poland. Here, during the war with Bolsheviks, he saves his friend's life. After the war, invited by the saved friend to his family estate, Cezary hopes for peaceful life. Meanwhile, more than one beautiful woman falls in love with him. Baryka is torn - his internal voice tells him what he shouldn't do, but doesn't tell him what he should do. Until one day..."

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  • "Przedwiośnie The spring to come"
  • "Przedwiośnie"@pl
  • "Przedwiośnie"