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Behaviour and evolution

This book was first published in 1979.

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  • "comportement"
  • "Behavior & evolution"
  • "Behavior and evolution"

  • "This book was first published in 1979."@en
  • "What is the relationship between behavior and the processes which shape evolution? Why has behavior, whether it amounts to no more than a flower's reaction to light or encompasses the complexities of human thought, been so neglected by traditional evolutionary theory? Beginning with these questions, Jean Piaget offers a dazzling, at time demanding, inquiry into the state of our understanding of evolution. This is a task that takes Piaget from an investigation of the early giants Darwin and Lamarck, to the contributions of Weiss and Baldwin, to the role of cybernetics. Along the way he outlines the relation between instinct and evolution, habits and acquired characteristics. He criticizes those who reduce the question to a genetic determinism. And he challenges those who see no qualitative difference between the evolution of anatomical structures and the evolution of behavioral structures. What Piaget develops in this concise and remarkable work is a subtle, sophisticated theory of behavior in both the plant and the animal worlds. Drawing on his life's work, he argues that all organisms are active and creative, and that the forms of organization they create in their environment go to the heart of the meaning of behavior and the processes of evolution. A prolific writer on philosophy and biology, as well as the father of the development psychology he calls genetic epistemology, Jean Piaget has had as his main area of concern the genesis of abstract concepts (classes, relations, numbers) and physical concepts (space, speed, chance, time) in the developing child. His theories have been widely applied to education."

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  • "Das Verhalten, Triebkraft der Evolution"
  • "Behaviour and evolution"
  • "Behaviour and evolution"@en
  • "El comportamiento, motor de la evolución"@es
  • "Behavior and evolution"@en
  • "Behavior and evolution"
  • "A viselkedés mint a fejlődés hajtóereje"@hu
  • "Das Verhalten : Triebkraft der Evolution"
  • "Le Comportement, moteur de l'évolution"
  • "Le comportement,moteur de l'evolution"
  • "Le comportement, moteur de l'evolution"
  • "El comportamiento motor de la evolución"
  • "Kōdō to shinka"@ja
  • "El comportamiento : motor de la evolución"@es
  • "El comportamiento : motor de la evolución"
  • "El Comportamiento, motor de la evolución"
  • "Behaviour and Evolution"@en
  • "A viselkedés mint a fejlödés hajtóereje"
  • "Behavior and evolution : Transl. from the french by Donald Nicholson-Smith"
  • "行動と進化 : 進化の動因としての行動"
  • "Le comportement, moteur de l'évolution"