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Language development

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  • "Part of a 26-part introductory course in psychology that offers an overview of historic and current theories of human behavior and features demonstrations, classic experiments and simulations. Program 5 looks at how both heredity and environment contribute to the development of children and the nature vs. nurture debate. Program 6 describes how psychologists search for truths about the mind, society, and culture by studying how children develop complex language skills and use language in social communication. Program 7 deals with how we transform raw sensory data into meaningful impressions. Also focuses on the ways personal experience, our culture, and interests influence our perceptions. Program 8 describes the principles of classical and operant conditioning to show how learning occurs. Features the research of Pavlov, Thorndike, Watson and Skinner."

  • "Language development"
  • "Learning"
  • "The Developing child Program 5 Program 6 ; Sensation and perception Program 7 ; Learning Program 8 /"
  • "Sensation and perception"