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Eating Disorders

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  • "An estimated six million people have eating disorders-a complex disease that has no one cause, which involves biological, social, and emotional problems, and in which the pressure to be thin plays a major role. This program from The Doctor Is In covers the personality profiles of those likeliest to develop anorexia, explains their perceived need to be thin and inability to acknowledge that they are thin enough, shows how anorexia develops and demonstrates its symptoms, and explores with former anorexics how they were cured. It also explains that many anorexics move from one eating disorder to another throughout their lives; that overexercising can be as dangerous as a limited diet; and that purges can be even more destructive. Those suffering from eating disorders are usually aware that something is wrong but may not know where to go for help, or feel too ashamed to tell someone. The program indicates how friends and families can help, what treatment consists of, and what steps are being taken at some schools to forestall problems. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes) A streaming videorecording."

  • "Eating Disorders"