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Neuroscience for Clinicians Evidence, Models, and Practice /

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  • "Neuroscience for Clinicians: Evidence, Models, and Practice C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen M. Simpkins Psychology began as the study of thoughts, moods, and emotions--the realm of the mind--gradually adding findings from neuroscience about the workings of the brain. Current interest in mind-body health and in the biological underpinnings of mental illness is creating new opportunities for therapists to bring brain and mind together in the treatment room.Neuroscience for Clinicians introduces an elegant new lens not only for understanding the role of the brain in pathology, but also for using this knowledge in therapy, to help the mind by treating the brain. Offering conceptual models and empirical data as well as hands-on techniques and practical guidelines, it describes methods versatile enough to be used by therapists across theoretical orientations. Detailed discussion of neuroplasticity explores the brain's capacity for change and in-depth case studies of anxiety, substance abuse, cognitive problems, and mood disorders demonstrate the mind's ability to alter brain structures during the course of therapy. And the book is written at a comfort level that requires no previous neuroscience background. Featured in the coverage:Learning from brain-damaged individuals.How neurons think and learn.Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis: moment-by-moment change.Incorporating the brain into treatment.Maximizing the social brain.Shifting the nervous system in common disorders.Clinicians interested in understanding the brain's interactions with the mind and its role in psychological problems will find Neuroscience for Clinicians stimulating and adaptable to their own approaches to therapy. The book can also enhance neuroscience and biological psychology classes in cognitive science, medical, and psychology departments."

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  • "Neuroscience for Clinicians Evidence, Models, and Practice /"
  • "Neuroscience for clinicians : evidence, models, and practice /"
  • "Neuroscience for clinicians evidence, models, and practice /"
  • "Neuroscience for Clinicians Evidence, Models, and Practice"