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Revealing the Real Dr

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  • "Revealing the real Doctor Robinson"

  • "Those who work with Dr Ben Robinson see a compassionate and brilliant doctor. But when he closes his eyes at night he's haunted by the silence of the Argentinean jungle. Fragments of his previous life invade his thoughts, a constant living nightmare. Until a whirlwind arrives in the shape of beautiful Shanna Brooks. With her zest for life and 'glass half full' attitude, Ben is forced to look at the world through her eyes and let down his guarded mask."
  • "Dr. Ben Robinson is haunted by his past but a new doctor joining the staff at his Argentinian hospital may be just what he needs to start enjoying life again."

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  • "Revealing the real Dr. Robinson"
  • "Revealing the Real Dr"@en
  • "Pour l'amour du Dr Robinson"
  • "Revealing the real Dr Robinson"@en
  • "Den sande dr. Robinson"@da