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  • "John Cromer, cloué au lit par une maladie des os à l'âge de 3 ans, raconte sous le nom de Pied-de-mouche, des épisodes de sa vie depuis son enfance dans les années 1950. Une plongée dans une vie solitaire mais riche, avec des seconds rôles de goules, de surveillantes et d'aventuriers sexuels."
  • "John Cromer experiences his 1950s childhood as a sort of ramshackle isolation tank, screening out sensation and adventure. Of course, as he points out, time passed slowly for everyone in the fifties, it wasn₂t just him, but it₂s hard to deny him the status of a special case. From that point on, John₂s epic task becomes clear. He must climb out of the tank and make his way somehow on land. Pilcrow is an exploration of a rich but marginal life, an engrossing story with a vibrant supporting cast of ghouls, matrons and sexual adventurers. John is already a confirmed homosexual, and at Vulcan Grammar School he finds the opportunities ₆ brilliantly described in humiliating and inventive detail ₆ to give expression to his needs. He is at his happiest attempting to seduce Julian Robinson, the school's master spy."

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