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Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative evaluation framework

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  • "Initiative sur le diabète chez les Autochtones"
  • "Initiative sur le diabète chez les Autochtones"@en
  • "Evaluation framework"
  • "Canadian Diabetes Strategy"
  • "Canadian Diabetes Strategy"@en
  • "Canadian diabetes strategy"
  • "Initiative sur le diabète chez les Autochtones, cadre d'évaluation"

  • "Diabetes is three to five times more prevalent in Aboriginal populations than in the general population on Canada. The 1999 federal budget committed the federal government to the development of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy -- a strategy of $115 million over five years, which includes a major Aboriginal component. The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) requires an ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy to assist with the management of activities and provide ongoing information on the progress toward national goals. It will also provide information on intermediate impacts and outcomes resulting from implementation of the program. The Evaluation Framework is designed and developed for the formal evaluation of the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative. This framework is designed to identify the specific components of the ADI as approved by Treasury Board. For each component, the long-term objectives and key indicators are presented. A Logic Model provides the major elements of the evaluation framework including what is to be evaluated and the expected activities and outputs. The evaluation methodology described in this report identifies existing information sources, new (proposed) information collection mechanisms (consultations/key informant interviews, surveys, special studies, etc.) and the independent evaluations of the three ADI components, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of activities and projects in contributing to the common goals. The Evaluation Framework states what is to be evaluated (the objectives and activities/outputs of the three program components), what sources of information will be used, and what impacts and effects the activities demonstrate. The evaluation framework begins with the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, followed by each of the three components of the ADI: 1) care and treatment; 2) prevention and promotion; and, 3) lifestyle support. This framework report is developed to complement and expand upon those developed for the overall Canadian Diabetes Strategy and First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) evaluation frameworks."

  • "Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, evaluation framework"
  • "Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative evaluation framework"@en
  • "Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative : evaluation framework"