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War powers : the politics of constitutional authority

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  • "Armed interventions in Libya, Haiti, Iraq, Vietnam, and Korea challenged the US president and Congress with a core question of constitutional interpretation: does the president, or Congress, have constitutional authority to take the country to war? War Powers argues that the Constitution doesn't offer a single legal answer to that question. But its structure and values indicate a vision of a well-functioning constitutional politics, one that enables the branches of government themselves to generate good answers to this question for the circumstances of their own times. Mariah Zeisberg shows."
  • "Who Has the Authority to Take the Country to War? -- Presidential Discretion and the Path to War : the Mexican War and World War II -- "Uniting Our Voice at the Water's Edge" : Legislative Authority in the Cold War and Roosevelt Corollary -- Defensive War : the Cuban Missile Crisis and Cambodian Incursion -- Legislative Investigations as War Power : the Senate Munitions Investigation and Iran-Contra -- The Politics of Constitutional Authority."

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  • "War Powers The Politics of Constitutional Authority"
  • "War powers : the politics of constitutional authority"
  • "War powers : the politics of constitutional authority"@en
  • "War powers the politics of constitutional authority"