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India--the untouchables the small secret of India

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  • "Untouchables"
  • "Small secret of India"

  • "Today it is illegal in India to discriminate against Dalits, which literally means "the oppressed," the term now commonly used to refer to India's former untouchables. Despite the legal abolition of untouchability a half-century ago, they continue to be the target of systematic discrimination and comprise a highly disproportionate percentage of India's illiterate, landless and jobless population. Dalits number 260 million Hindus, making caste discrimination one of the world's biggest human rights issues. The film describes several examples of caste discrimination and also discusses the landlord-sponsored militia, Ranbir Sena's Army, which is attacking agricultural laborers and their families, all of them Dalits. The Ranbir Sena says the Dalits will be targets unless they cease their agitation for better pay and land and repudiate the Naxhalites. These are Maoist armed-activists who have gained a following in parts of Bihar by assisting agricultural workers in organizing and defending themselves from landlord violence."

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  • "India--the untouchables the small secret of India"