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Molecular chaperones

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  • "A. K. Wallis R. B. FreedmanAssisting Oxidative Protein Folding: How Do Protein Disulphide-Isomerases Couple Conformational and Chemical Processes in Protein Folding?C. Schiene-FischerT. Aumüller G. FischerPeptide Bond cis/trans Isomerases: A Biocatalysis Perspective of Conformational Dynamics in Proteins G. R. HiltonH. LioeF. StengelA. J. Baldwin J. L. P. BeneschSmall Heat-Shock Proteins: Paramedics of the CellE. R. P. ZuiderwegE. B. BertelsenA. RousakiM. P. MayerJ. E. Gestwicki A. AhmadAllostery in the Hsp70 Chaperone ProteinsS. E. JacksonHsp90: Structure and FunctionR. A. DabbsA. R. WyattJ. J. YerburyH. Ecroyd M. R. WilsonExtracellular Chaperones"

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