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Animal adaptations

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  • "Have you ever seen an octopus with a broom?: Have you ever seen an octopus with a broom? compares human and animal tools and reveals surprising facts about how animals clean house, fish for food and even play percussion. Maybe you've never seen an octopus with a broom, but these animals use jets of water like a broom to sweep out leftovers after a meal, and also sweep sand and small stones out of their den to make it bigger."
  • "Animals in camouflage: Incredible illustrations highlight this striking book introducing animals in camouflage. The lush illustrations alone will enthrall readers, but clues to seven remarkably well-hidden animals will draw them into new worlds."
  • "Dinosaurs roar, butterflies soar!: What are as light as a feature and as old as the dinosaurs? Butterflies! With a lively text and vibrant paper-collage illustrations, award-winning author Bob Barner brings us a wonderful look at the amazing history of butterflies, and how their lives intersected with the dinosaurs millions of years ago."
  • "Animals : black and white: Find the answers to seven black-and-white riddles in a beautiful book of nature's bold designs! What cuddly giant loves to chew bamboo? What mamal swims with its friends in a school? What bird "flies" gracefully through the water?"
  • "Have you ever seen a duck in a raincoat?: Have you ever seen a duck in a raincoat? compares human clothing, footwear and headgear with the equivalent animal adaptations. Have you ever seen a lobster in a helmet? No? That's because lobsters don't need helmets because they have a hard shell to protect their heads and bodies."

  • "Animal adaptations"