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The thirteenth apostle

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  • "Donald Webb is an American consul stationed in the main port city of a Central American country. He has resigned himself, not unhappily, to a life of compromise and safety, until the day he receives a report from deep in the mountain jungle, a peculiarly incomplete report of the death of an obscure American painter whom he remembers from a brief and strange encounter. The report and the memory draw Webb into the jungle to find out the truth, leading him eventually to the base of a steep and forbidding mountain. He is told by the persons in the camp there that he must climb to the top. It is during the climb that Webb finds his life on a new dangerous point of experience that leads him deep into himself farn beyond the safeguards of civilzation. Accompanying Webb is a jungle priest, Padre Paolo...a man of profound and, to Webb at times, irritating faith. Also to Webb's quest are certain inhabitants of the mining camp....the remarkably intelligent opponent of faith, Con Hernandez; Barrie, the vicious mining engineer; and Barrie's daughter, Mona. Brooding over all of Webb's experience stands the artist, Crispian, who once named Webb the Thirteenth Apostle: "He who is called but not chosen." --Judy Smith at"
  • "Als een Amerikaanse consul in een Middenamerikaans land met een pater op zoek gaat naar een verdwenen kunstschilder, wordt hij geconfronteerd met de religieuze essentie van zijn bestaan."

  • "Adventure fiction"@en
  • "Adventure fiction"
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  • "Fiction"

  • "De dertiende apostel"
  • "Trzynasty apostoł"@pl
  • "The thirteenth apostle"@en
  • "The thirteenth apostle"
  • "Trynasty apostoł"
  • "Der dreizehnte Apostel Roman"
  • "The thirteenth apostlo"
  • "Der Dreizehnte apostel : roman"
  • "The Thirteenth apostle"
  • "The Thirteenth Apostle. [A novel.]"@en
  • "Der dreizehnte Apostel : Roman"