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The Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players in The Comedy of Errors play in five acts

A comedy about confusion among 2 pairs of twins.

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  • "Folio Theatre Players production of the comedy of errors"@en

  • "A comedy about confusion among 2 pairs of twins."@en
  • "... this early comedy is filled with the merry violence of slapstick and farce. When two sets of twins, separated and apparently lost to each other, all end up in the rowdy, rollicking city of Ephesus, the stage is set for mix-ups, mayhem, and mistaken identity -- plus the timeless puns, jokes, gags, and suspense that makes this play a wonderful theatrical frolic and a brilliant tour de force of language and laughter. -Publisher description."
  • "Young Antipholus of Syracuse is searching the world for his identical twin brother, separated from him at birth. With him is his servant Dromio, who lost his twin brother at the same time. The pair arrive in Ephesus where, unbeknownst to them, their twins are living."@en
  • "A recorded performance of Shakespeare's play."@en
  • "A comedy about a family divided by shipwreck; each half contains one parent, one twin son and one twin slave. Their attempts to reunite cause many mistaken identity mixups."
  • ""We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another."--Dromio of Ephesus. "The comedy of errors" is likely the very first play Shakespeare ever wrote, and for that reason alone it deserves a special place in literary history. Yet, despite the author's lack of maturity, the play is unmistakably the work of a burgeoning master. A farce of a type that was wildly popular in Shakespeare's day, "The comedy of errors" transcends its genre, and is as accessible and as entertaining as any of the Bard's later comedies. Revolving around the naturally comedic themes of identical twins and mistaken identity, "The comedy of errors" is a delightful milestone in the remarkable career of the greatest dramatist of all time."@en
  • "Cassette recording of the complete play in five acts."@en
  • "Mistaken identity leads to a comedy of errors."

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  • "The Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players in The Comedy of Errors play in five acts"@en
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