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The evangelicals you don't know introducing the next generation of Christians

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  • "To many Americans, evangelical Christians have been the chief culprits in the divisiveness of our times. But in surprising and hopeful ways, a new generation of evangelicals is inventing how to be publicly and persuasively Christian without falling into the old stock roles and stoking the usual animosities. The Evangelicals You Don't Know introduces readers to these Christian innovators embodying this stereotype-busting, boundary-breaking inclusiveness, with each chapter offering insight for how we all, regardless of our."
  • "Tom Krattenmaker challenges stereotypes about evangelical Christians and introduces readers to a movement of "new evangelicals" who are bringing forth a non-partisan expression of evangelicalism and creating opportunities for alliances and partnerships to advance the common good. Krattenmaker argues that cultural fault lines no longer divide the religious from the secular, or the evangelicals from "everyone else." Rather, the lines that matter now run between the fundamentalist culture warriors of both the left and right on one side, and, on the other, the good-doers of any faith, or none, who want to work together to solve our society's problems and introduce a new civility and decency to our shared national life. Krattenmaker is one of the best-informed non-evangelicals writing about evangelicalism in American public life. He offers interesting stories, intriguing character sketches, and incisive writing in his readable and engaging book. Recounting the findings and insights gleaned from his many years of engagement with evangelical America, he draws conclusions sure to surprise, challenge, and even inspire non-evangelicals who had written off this controversial and influential faith movement. The Evangelicals You Don't Know offers a refreshing alternative to narratives that pay attention only to aspects of evangelicalism that are most distasteful and threatening to secular-progressives and liberal religionists--providing instead a hopeful introduction to promising new currents rising among theologically conservative Christians."

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  • "The evangelicals you don't know introducing the next generation of Christians"
  • "The evangelicals you don't know : introducing the next generation of Christians"