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Based on a true story

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  • ""My thesis exhibition will contain work that is derived from objects in my family history. Through this work, I will research concepts of family investigation and self-identity. With the use of glass as well as other materials, I will work from site visits, memories, and family stories to create individual sculptures. When combined, these separate pieces will function as a whole in a narrative installation. This work will pay tribute to the makers that came before me in my family, as well as the surface textures and colors to create subtly narrative objects that speak of loss, transience, solemnity and family history. The work created will be both an homage to my family and community as well as an effort to connect to a generation I admire and relate to through the physical making of objects. I have created objects that attempt to communicate while also displaying respect to my grandfather, one of the few men who I truly admire and strive to emulate. I endeavor to construct scenarios and create objects that both he and I can share a connection through. This body of work will strengthen my understanding of myself and my family, while also creating sculptures that can function as placeholders for family memories, community traditions, and geographically specific ideas."--Abstract."

  • "Based on a true story"