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The Authority. Volume 1

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  • ""Meet the Authority: a team of former Stormwatch Black members who get the job done no matter the cost. Jenny Sparks, the embodiment of the 20th century, controls electricity at her fingertips. Jack Hawksmoor is psychically bonded to entire cities and can communicate with their spirits. Swift is a winged warrior whose attitude is sharper than her talons. Apollo and Midnighter are bio-engineered destroyers as different as night and day, but deadly all the same. The Engineer is a robot scientist who had replaced her blood with nine pints of liquid nanotechnolgical machinery. Finally, there's the Doctor, a Dutch drug addict and shaman who possesses the combined magical powers of the hundreds of shamans who came before him. The Authority are heroes in only the strictest sense of the word. Ruthless and unforgiving, this group of insanely powerful superhumans face down the countless menaces to Earth, protecting mankind with their cold version of justice."--Back cover."

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