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My Life with the Eskimo ... Illustrated

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  • "Report on the natural history collections of the expedition"@en

  • "First published by the Macmillan Company in 1913. Leader's account of the Stefansson-Anderson expedition to northwest Alaska and Canada, 1908-12."

  • "My Life with the Eskimo ... Illustrated"@en
  • "Mitt liv med eskimåerna"@sv
  • "Mitt liv med eskimåerna"
  • "Meðal eskimóa"
  • "My Life with the Eskimos ... New edition, revised and abridged"@en
  • "My life with the Eskimo"
  • "My life with the Eskimo"@en
  • "Der Geheimnis der Eskimos : vier Jahre im nördlichsten Kanada"
  • "My lifes with the eskimos"@en
  • "My life with the Eskimo : forewords by Henry Fairfield Osborn and Reginald Walter Brock"
  • "My life with the Eshimo"
  • "Das Geheimnis der Eskimos : vier Jahre im nördlichsten Kanada"
  • "Meðal Eskimóa"
  • "Das Geheimnis der Eskimos 4 Jahre im nördlichsten Kanada"
  • "Mitt liv med Eskimåerna"
  • "My life with the eskimos"
  • "My life with the Eskimo, by Vilhjálmur Stefánsson"
  • "Das Geheimnis der Eskimos [My Life with the Eskimo. Deutsch]. 4 Jahre im nördlichsten Kanada. (Deutsch v. [W.] Rickmer Rickmers.)"
  • "My life with the eskimo"
  • "My Life with the Eskimo : ill"