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An introduction to the study of insects

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  • "Insects and their ways; The anatomy of insects; The physiology of insects; The development and metamorphosis of insects; Classification, nomeclature, and identification; Phylum arthropoda: arthropods; Class insecta: insects; Subclass apterygota: protura, Thysanura, Diplura, and collembora; Ephemeroptera; Odonata; Orthoptera; Cockroaches; Isoptera; Dermaptera; Embioptera; Plecoptera; Psocoptera; Zoraptera; Mallophaga; Anoplura; Thysanoptera; Hemiptera; Homoptera; Coleoptera; Strepsiptera; Mecoptera; Neuroptera; Trichoptera; Lepidoptera; Diptera; Siphonaptera; Hymenoptera; Artropods other than insects; The relations of insects to man; Collecting and preserving insects; Activies and projects in insect study."
  • "Insects and their ways. The relation of insects to humans. The anatomy, physiology, and development of insects. Behavior and ecology. Classification, nomenclature and identification. Phylum anthropoda: arthropods. Hexapoda. The entognathous hexapods: protùra,collémbola, and diplùra. The apterygote insects: microcorýphia and thysanùra. Order Ephemeróptera: mayflies. Order Odonàta: dragonflies and damselflies. Order Grylloblattàra: rock crawlers. Order Phásmida: walkingsticks and leaf insects. Order Orthóptera: grasshoppers, crikets, and katydids. Order Mantòdea: mantids. Order Blattària: cockroaches. Order Isóptera: termites. Order Dermáptera: earwigs. Order Embiidìna: web-spinners. Order Plecóptera: stoneflies. Order Zoráptera: zorapterans. Order Psocóptera: psocids. Order Phthiráptera: lice. Order Hemíptera: bugs. Order Homóptera: cicadas, hoppers, psyllids, whiteflies, aphids, and scale insects. Order Thysanóptera: thrips. Order neuróptera: alderflies, dobsonflies, fishflies, snakeflies, lacewings, antlions, and owlflies. Order Coleóptera: beetles. Order Strepsíptera: twisted-wing parasites. Order Mecóptera: scorpionflies and hanginglies. Order Siphonáptera: fleas. Order Díptera: flies. Order Trichóptera: caddisflies. Order Lepidóptera: butterflies and moths. Order Hymenóptera: sawflies, parasitic wasps, ants, wasps, and bees. Collecting, preserving, and studying insects."

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  • "An introduction to the study of insects"
  • "An introduction to the study of insects"@en
  • "Introduction to the study of insects"
  • "An introduction to the study of insect"
  • "An Introduction to the study of insects"
  • "An introduction to the study of the insects"
  • "An Introduction to the study of Insects"
  • "An Introduction to the Study of Insects. (Second printing.)"@en
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  • "An Introduction to the Study of Insects. Revised edition. [With illustrations.]"@en
  • "˜Anœ Introduction to the study of insects"