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The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson. [With portraits.]

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  • "I hope the reader will believe that I am informed and hope he will credit me with objectivity in analysis of President Wilson's high endeavors, his evangelistic idealism, his successes, his difficulties, the purpose of his compromises, and the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. With thirty-nine years of contacts with world affairs since that Treaty, and the aid of the mass of subsequent information and disclosures, I can possibly contribute to an understanding of the gigantic tragedy which enveloped Woodrow Wilson and the whole world. This book is not a life of Woodrow Wilson. It includes no part of his scholastic or political activities prior to the looming of the American involvement in the war. - Preface."
  • "The great tragedy of the twenty-eighth President as witnessed by his loyal lieutenant, and the thirty-first President."

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