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The passion of Michel Foucault

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  • "Passion of Michel Foucault"@it
  • "Passion of Michel Foucault"

  • "Reinterpretation of the man and his texts, The Passion of Michel Foucault is a startling look at one of this century's most influential philosophers. It chronicles every stage of Foucault's personal and professional odyssey, from his early interest in dreams to his final preoccupation with sexuality and the nature of personal identity. Exploring the wider context of his work, it conjures up the heyday of structuralism in Paris and the electrifying chaos of the strikes in."
  • "Qui était vraiment Michel Foucault? Sa vie mouvementée explique-t-elle ses recherches et son oeuvre? A travers un portrait psychologique et intellectuel du philosophe, James Miller dévoile un inconnu, hanté par la mort et analyste de ceux qui la donnent : les pouvoirs de tous ordres."
  • "May 1968. It recounts Foucault's debates with Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Derrida, and his encounters with Noam Chomsky and Jurgen Habermas. And in revelations as fascinating as they may be shocking to some readers, The Passion of Michel Foucault provides the first detailed account of Foucault's lifelong obsession with death, suicide, drugs, and sadomasochistic eroticism - even under the mounting threat of AIDS in the 1980s. With the subtlety and sure grasp of history,"
  • "Shortly before his death in 1984, Michel Foucault defended his career as one of the most controversial thinkers of our time. "The philosophical life," he declared, "is the animality of being human, renewed as a challenge, practiced as an exercise - and thrown in the face of others as a scandal." Now, for the first time, here is a book that explores the true challenge - and "scandal"--Of Foucault's life and work. Based on extensive new research and a bold."
  • "Politics, and philosophy that have marked his earlier books, James Miller has written a landmark study sure to provoke debate among readers everywhere."

  • "Biografieën (vorm)"
  • "Biografies"

  • "The passion of Michael Foucault"
  • "La Pasión de Michel Foucault"
  • "La passion Foucault"
  • "Fuke di sheng si ai yu"
  • "Fu ke de sheng si ai yu"
  • "傅柯的生死愛慾"
  • "La passione di Michel Foucault"@it
  • "La passione di Michel Foucault"
  • "La passione di Michael Foucault"@it
  • "La pasión de Michel Foucault"@es
  • "The passion of Michel Foucault"@en
  • "The passion of Michel Foucault"
  • "The Passion of Foucault"@en