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Tips & tricks for junior detectives

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  • "Tips and tricks for junior detectives"

  • "How can junior detectives become master sleuths who behave just right at a crime scene; distract suspects, follow tracks, and decode secret messages? The Alligator Gang, a team of four kids--two boys and two girls--has the answers to these all-important questions ... and once you open this wonderful "training manual" you will too! Create a multi-purpose pad to jot down observations, scribble a secret letter, and even take measurements. Set up all-natural alarm systems, make a great escape, and perfectly execute the "bandage trick." Don't go on a search without that "special suitcase" stuffed with such necessities as a measuring glass, flashlight, rubber gloves, and fingerprint powder. Put on a foolproof disguise, mix up the invisible ink, and much more. Think you've got it down pat? Take the test at the end and find out! Just like the Alligators, once you get started you'll never quit."

  • "Tips & tricks for junior detectives"