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Liberty's kids. Disc six, the complete series /

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  • "Episode 39, "Going home : Sarah goes to New York to get the story of the fate of the loyalists. Moses helps Cato travel to New York, where Cato departs for Nova Scotia with Mrs Radcliffe. James reports on Shays and the discontent of the former soldiers--and resolves to own and run his own newspaper. Lafayette invites Henri to live with him in France. Ben, accompanied by Sarah's mother, returns from Europe to a triumphant reception in Philadelphia"--From pamphlet."
  • "Episode 38, "The man who wouldn't be king : In Newburgh, New York, some members of Washington's officer corps want him to become King, but Washington puts down the revolt. James tells Sarah and Henri the story of the attempted military coup, and the three kids journey to Maryland to see Washington offer his resignation to Congress"--From pamphlet."
  • "Episode 36, "Yorktown : Moses' brother, Cato, a soldier on the British side, is sent into harm's way by Cornwallis and is aided by a sympathetic Hessian soldier. Sarah, James and Henri witness the long siege and victory at Yorktown. It's a huge victory for the Americans, but Washington is not yet convinced the war is over"--From pamphlet."
  • "Episode 37, "Born free and equal : Sarah, staying with Abigail Adams in Boston, is thrilled to see Mum Bett freed and resolves to fight for civil rights. In France, Ben Franklin hopes that news of Yorktown will convince King George to surrender to his former colonies. James finds himself in a tight spot as he digs deeper for the whole story"--From pamphlet."
  • "Episode 35, "James Armistead : Sarah and Henri go from camp to camp with Lafayette as he jousts with Cornwallis, and then worry over the fate of James Armistead, a Virginia slave spying on Benedict Arnold. Meanwhile, James follows Washington and Henry Knox, and Moses learns of his brother's slavery by Cornwallis' forces"--From pamphlet."
  • "Episode 40, "We the people : Delegates from each state meet once again in Philadelphia to draft a radical new Constitution. Moses resolves to open a school for free black children, Sarah's father joins the family from Ohio, and everyone looks forward to their new lives in the United States of America"--From pamphlet."

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  • "Liberty's kids. Disc six, the complete series /"