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[Stuart Appleby, Philip Zimbardo and Julia Deville]

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  • "Enough rope with Andrew Denton"

  • "Stuart Appleby: Mark Twain famously described golf as a good walk ruined. What he missed was a sport about fractions of millimetres, a high stakes high risk often brutal game where a split second of bad luck or timing can derail everything. Stuart Appleby, one of the best golfers we have produced, knows the same is true of life. Philip Zimbardo: When it was released, most of the world was shocked by images of abuse in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. But Dr Philip Zimbardo saw it and recognised it from his own work. He then set out to try and defend the soldiers who did it. Philip Zimbardo is a psychologist who has dedicated much of his career to answering the question - what makes good people turn evil? The creator of the famous Stanford Prison Experiment, Dr Philip Zimbardo, talks to Andrew Denton. Julia Deville: For Show and Tell, Andrew talks to Julia Deville about being a taxidermist."

  • "[Stuart Appleby, Philip Zimbardo and Julia Deville]"