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Коллекционная вещь

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  • "Idiotam prosʹba ne bespokoitʹsi︠a︡"
  • "collector collector"@ja
  • "Collector collector"

  • "The narrator of this novel is a 30th century BC clay pot which is being appraised by a woman art expert in England. The woman thinks it is a fake, which annoys the pot. It revenges itself by revealing the woman's lurid private life, in the process giving its unflattering opinion of humanity in general."

  • "Humorous fiction"
  • "Fiction"
  • "Humorous stories"
  • "Dystopias"
  • "Erotic fiction"

  • "Коллекционная вещь"
  • "Korekuta shushu"
  • "Kollektsionnaia vesh'"
  • "Kollekt︠s︡ionnai︠a︡ veshchʹ"
  • "Kollekt︠s︡ionnai︠a︡ veshchʹ = Collector collector : roman"
  • "Korekutā shūshū"@ja
  • "Kollekt︠s︡ionnai︠a︡ veshchʹ ; Idiotam prosʹba ne bespokoitʹsi︠a︡"
  • "コレクター蒐集"
  • "Kollekt︠s︡ionnai︠a︡ veshchʹ : roman"
  • "Agyafúrt agyag"