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The band wagon

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  • "I remember it well"@en
  • "I remember it well"

  • "Récit détaillé à base d'anecdotes et de souvenirs."
  • "The Academy Award-winning director tells of his marriage to Judy Garland, of his relationship to his daughter Liza Minnelli, of the different movies he directed, and of the memories he has of exciting people in show business."

  • "Biographies"
  • "Biography"@en
  • "Biography"

  • "The Band wagon"
  • "I Remember Well"
  • "Recuerdo muy bién : autobiografía"@es
  • "Tous en scène : autobiograhie"
  • "I remember it all"
  • "Tout en scene : autobiographie"
  • "Tous en scène"
  • "Recuerdo muy bien : autobiografía"
  • "Tous en scène autobiographie"
  • "The band wagon"
  • "The band wagon"@en
  • "Vincente Minnelli I remember it well"@en
  • "I remember it well. [By] Vincente Minelli, with Hector Arce"
  • "Vincente Minnelli's I remember it well"@en
  • "Vincente Minnelli's I remember it well"
  • "I remember it well"@en
  • "I remember it well"