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A Boy's will

Poetry of Robert Frost.

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  • "A Boy's Will is Robert Frost's first collection of poetry, initially published in 1913. The thirty-two poems contained within touch on the themes for which Frost would become famous: rural New England life, the spiritual in nature, and the human condition. More ethereal than his later poetry, it nevertheless is imbued with the clarity and precision which makes Frost so unforgettable. A Boy's Will brought Frost Critical acclaim and public attention, enabling him to devote himself to writing and teaching."
  • "After several teaching stints and an unsuccessful attempt at farming, Robert Frost sold his Derry, New Hampshire farm and sailed for England with his family in 1912, determined to focus his efforts on poetry. Released in 1913 by a small London publisher, Frost's first published collection featured newly composed verse together with earlier poems he had written at Derry and elsewhere. A Boy's Will caught the attention of critics and established Frost as a unique, if somewhat unseasoned, voice in poetry; a 1913 review in Poetry, for instance, noted that A Boy's Will "is a little raw, and has in it a number of infelicities; underneath them it has the tang of the New Hampshire woods, and it has just this utter sincerity." For a glimpse at the early development of the eminent poet's work, A Boy's Will is a must-read for Frost enthusiasts."@en

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