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Eyes on the prize America's civil rights years. Episode 1, Awakenings, 1954-1956

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  • "Awakenings, 1954-1956"
  • "America's civil rights years"
  • "America's civil rights years 1954-1965"

  • "Covers two events that helped to focus the nation's attention on the rights of black Americans: the 1955 lynching in Mississippi of 14-year-old Emmett Till and the 1955-56 Montgomery, Ala. boycott. Also shows southern race relations at mid-century and witnesses the awakening of individuals to their own courage and power."
  • "First in a six-part documentary series on the American civil rights movement. This episode focuses on the catalytic events of 1954-1956. The Mississippi lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till led to a widely publicized trial where a courageous black man took the stand and accused two white men of murder. In Montogomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to yield her bus seat to a white man. JoAnn Robinson, and the Woman's Political Council, along with the local black leadership, called for a bus boycott that lasted more than a year. The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., 26 years old, became the leader of the boycott, and and the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the segregated bus system was unconstitutional. Ordinary citizens and local leaders began to join the black struggle for freedom. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference was formed. In response, many white southerners closed ranks in opposition to the burgeoning black rights movement. Racial discrimination finally became a political issue."

  • "Eyes on the prize America's civil rights years. Episode 1, Awakenings, 1954-1956"
  • "Eyes on the prize America's civil rights years. Program 1, Awakenings, 1954-1956"