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Breeding for disease resistance

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  • "Gene banks and their contribution to the breeding of disease resistant cultivars. Disease resistance in protected crops and mushrooms. Multiple resistance to diseases and pests in potatoes. Resistance to cane and foliar diseases in red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and related species. Leaf glucosinolate profiles and their relationship to pest and disease resistance in oilseed rape. Resistance of cowpea and cereals to the parasitic angiosperm Striga. The role of resistance breeding in the integrated control of downy mildew (Bremia lactucae) in protected lettuce. Pre-emptive breeding to control wheat rusts. Durable resistance to rice blast disease - environmental influences. Barley mildew in Europe: population biology and host resistance. Discovery, characterization and exploitation of Mlo powdery mildew resistance in barley. Analysis of durable resistance to stem rust in barley. Novel pathotypes of lettuce mosaic virus - breakdown of a durable resistance? The genetics of plant-virus interactions: implications for plant breeding. Tansgenic potato plants resistant to viruses."
  • "Breeding disease resistance wheat. Multiple resistant to disease and pests in potatoes. Genetics plant-virus interactions. Transgenic potato resistant to virus."
  • "There is an increasing need for an understanding of the fundamental processes involved in the mechanisms by which disease resistances are introduced into crop plants. This book provides a wide-ranging coverage of the successes and failures of the classical techniques; it describes the advances towards modern technology and addresses the problems of pathogen variation. Crop plants that are considered include: cereals (wheat, barley, rice), potatoes, vegetables and soft fruits."

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  • "Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1991)"
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  • "Breeding for Disease Resistance"
  • "Breeding for disease resistance : [proceedings of the International conference on breeding for disease resistance held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, GB on 16-19 December 1991] ; ed. for the British society for plant pathology by R. Johnson,... and G. J. Jellis"
  • "Breeding for disease resistance"
  • "Breeding for disease resistance"@en
  • "Breeding for disease resistance : [proceedings of the International Conference on Breeding for Disease Resistance, held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K. on 16. - 19 December 1991]"
  • "Breeding for disease resistance / ed. for the British Society for Plant Pathology by: R. Johnson and G.J. Jellis"
  • "Breeding for disease resistance proceedings"