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  • "Financial materials include 3 years of cancelled checks, various household receipts (from grocery, utility and landscaping bills to car information and poll tax receipts), 4 years of royalty statements from the London, New York, and road company productions of Tobacco Road and stocks and bonds information."
  • "Correspondence, financial records, writings, notes, telegrams and manuscripts about World War II and the Russian front."
  • "Correspondence-subject files are arranged alphabetically and include business and professional files as well as personal and biographical materials. Correspondence which is of the greatest depth and duration includes that of Margaret Bourke-White, parents Ira and Caroline Caldwell, former wife Helen Caldwell Cushman, publishers Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., agent Maxim Lieber, Life, artist Alfred Morang, PM, attorney Julius Weiss, and Caldwell and Bourke-White secretaries Margaret Salter and Margaret Smith, both of whom presided over the couple's often long-distance correspondence."
  • "Memorabilia includes addresses, clippings, contracts, publicity flyers, recipes, Caldwell's wallet and contents, a 1939 will, and miscellaneous printed material. There is one box of personal photos of Caldwell and Bourke-White at their home, with their pets, or traveling and working together, some of which were taken by Bourke-White. There are also some publicity photos and a few pre-1936 pictures of Caldwell's first wife and children."
  • "Writings are arranged by type and are almost solely works by Caldwell. They comprise articles about the Russian front, typescript manuscripts and/or production records of books (God's Little Acre, Southways, Tobacco Road); production records of You Have Seen Their Faces (in collaboration with Bourke-White); scripts, including untitled radio scripts from Moscow; typescript manuscripts of short stories; miscellaneous drafts, typescript manuscripts, and notes on trips; press wireless releases Caldwell sent from Moscow while covering the German invasion of Russia for Life and PM; and printed short stories."

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