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Полное собрание сочинениĭ

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  • "Perepiska. 1832-1834"@ru
  • "Polnoe sobranie sochinenii (Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837)"@ru
  • "Sochinenii︠a︡"
  • "Polnoe sobranie sochinenii"@ru
  • "Polnoe sobranie sochineni (Gogol', Nikolai Vasil'evich, 1809-1852)"@ru

  • "Includes the complete works of Pushkin, including correspondence, critical essays, diaries and memoirs. Also includes works of 14 authors on Pushkin, memoirs of his contemporaries and a gallery of images which includes portraits, ilustrations from his works, depictions of Saint Petersburg and Moscow during his lifetime, and the author's sketches."

  • "Miscellanea"
  • "Verzamelde werken (vorm)"

  • "Полное собрание сочинениĭ"
  • "Polnoe sobranie sochinenii"
  • "Polnoe sobranīe sochinenīĭ"
  • "Polnoe sobranie sochineniĭ : v des︠i︡ati tomakh"
  • "Polnoe sobranie sočinenij"
  • "Полное собраніе сочиненій"
  • "Polnoe sobranie sočinenij/ 10, Pis'ma 1820 - 1835"
  • "Полное собрание сочинений"
  • "<&gt"@ru
  • "Polnoe sobranīe sochinenīĭ A.S. Pushkina"
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  • "Polnoe sobranie sochineniĭ"