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Collages, a novel

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  • "C'est sous le couvert de Lilian que l'auteur invite son lecteur à aller vivre à travers elle dans un paradis terrestre qu'elle nomme Golconda. Lilian est venue à Golconda pour renaître à la vie, pour que cesse le cauchemar qui la hante, celui d'un navire bloqué en pleine rue et qu'elle n'arrive pas à remettre à flot."
  • ""Making a rapid escape from her sick father in Vienna, Renate begins her sensation-seeking travel odyssey accompanied by a gay Norwegian man who allows her to open one of his Chinese boxes and read a chapter of his past each time she finds his absence unbearable. Moving from Mexico to California Renate works as a hostess at a beach nightclub, where she befriends Nina, who wants to wash the floor with beer, uses her dress as a tent and does witch-laughter for radio." "Rather than a coherent whole Collages is a series of impressions, a shifting notebook indelibly inscribed with Nin's humour, invention and unrivalled gift for sensuous description."--BOOK JACKET."
  • "Collages explores a world of fantasy and dreams through an eccentric young painter. Nin's first book was published in the 1930s and she went on to write stories and a series of autobiographical novels and her celebrated volumes of erotica."

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  • "Collages, a novel"
  • "Collages, a novel"@en
  • "La séduction du Minotaure. (Traduit par Anne Metzger. Introduction générale par Anna Balakian.) Suivi de Collages, etc. (Traduit par Roselyne Eddée. Préface d'Henry Miller.)"
  • "La séduction du minotaure : suivi de Collages ; romans"
  • "Séduction du minotaure"
  • "La séduction du Minotaure : suivi de Collages : romans"
  • "La séduction du Minotaure"
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  • "La séduction du Minotaure suivi de Collages : romans"
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