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  • "Historical background; World areas and production; Botany and characteristics of the coconut palm; Coconut varieties; Climate and soil; Selection and breeding; Establishment of plantations; Care and maintenance of young plantations; Nutritional requirements and fertilizer practice; Cultivation and maintenance of adult plantations; Principal insect pests; Pests other than insects; Diseases and damage; The crop; Commercial products; Commercial products; Commercial products; Toddy products; Minos and domestic coconut products; Research and information."
  • "Historical background; world acreages and production; botany and characteristics of the coconut palm; climate and soil; establishment of plantations; care of plantations; manuring and cultivation; insect pests; pests other than insects; diseases and damage; the crop; commercial products; toddy products; minor and domestic coconut products; research and information."

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  • "Coconuts. [With plates.]"