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Asiatic Honeybee Apis cerana Biodiversity Conservation and Agricultural Production

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  • "The world is facing food crisis as the growing human population is posing a threat to natural resources and fast approaching famine. In the next 50 years, the global population is expected to reach 9 billion doubling the food, feed and crop demand. Concomitantly, this situation has further aggravated because of pollinator decline worldwide resulting in pollination crisis. These problems have been further aided and abetted by a lack of prophylactic progress in the conservation of biodiversity and increased agricultural production. Among pollinators, honeybees are declining at alarming rate. The European honeybee Apis mellifera is a well-studied insect. On the other hand the Asiatic honeybee Apis cerana which has provided mankind with invaluable products, conservation of natural resources and pollination of agricultural crops is relatively little understood. This book discusses information on varied aspects of Apis cerana biology, biogeography, reproduction, genetics, molecular phylogeny, interaction with other spoecies, floral resources, dance language, safety from pesticides, management problems, loss of genetic diversity, behavioural defence, role in food production, livelihood security and conservation strategies for protecting biodiversity and enhancing crop productivity. The compilation of this book is unique in the sense that in the context of pollinator decline over the world, conservation of this species will be a step for sustaining food security. The book will be useful to beekeepers, pollination biologists, students, teachers, scientists of agriculture, animal behaviour, botany, conservation, biology, ecology, entomology, environmental biology, forestry, genetics, plant breeding, horticulture, toxicology, zoology, seed growers and seed agencies. The author is a well known bee scientist, honoured with several national and international awards. He has published over 200 original research papers, authored 10 books and visited Switzerland, Poland, South Korea,Malaysia and several other countries as special invitee."

  • "Asiatic Honeybee Apis cerana Biodiversity Conservation and Agricultural Production"