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Daphne bucolic tragedy in one act

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  • "Synopsis Shepherds are preparing for the feast of Dionysus, under instructions from Daphne's fisher-folk parents Peneios and Gaea. Daphne praises the natural world as opposed to the clumsy ways of men. The shepherd Leukippos, her childhood playmate, tries to embrace her lovingly, but she rejects both him and the coming festivities. She refuses to wear the specially-prepared clothes and runs off. Her maids persuade Leukippos to wear the clothes instead. Apollo arrives disguised as a cow-herd and is passionately drawn to Daphne, though she will not totally surrender to him. The festivities begin and the disguised Leukippos offers Daphne the libation cup arousing the jealousy of Apollo, who causes the sky to thunder. The sheep are escaping and must be rounded up again, leaving Apollo, Leukippos and Daphne alone. Leukippos reveals his true identity and demands Apollo does the same, abusing the god. With his bow, Apollo shoots Leukippos dead. Daphne reacts passionately, at last coming to terms with her Dionysiac side and acknowledging responsibility for this tragedy. Apollo begs forgiveness, asking to love her in the ennobled form of a laurel tree. He vanishes, she tries to follow, but is rooted to the ground as her transformation begins, until finally her silvery disembodied voice is heard above the shimmering leaves."
  • "Daphne: Bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug, op.82. Libretto: Joseph Gregor."
  • "This classical tragedy tells of the eponymous heroine, a sunlight-worshipping virgin who has no interest in earthbound romantic relationships. Unable to return her childhood-friend Leukippos's affections, and unwilling to don a special dress for the Dionysian festival, Daphne soon encounters a mysterious stranger, in the guise of a herdsman, who makes an unsuccessful attempt to wheedle her into romance. He ultimately reveals himself as Apollo, the god of the sun, and enters a violent rivalry with Leukippos for Daphne's affections that ends tragically for all."

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  • "Daphne bucolic tragedy in one act"
  • "Daphne [op. 82] ; [bucolic tragedy in one act]"
  • "Daphne bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug von Joseph Gregor = bucolic tragedy in one Act by Joseph Gregor"
  • "Daphne bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug von Joseph Gregor"
  • "Daphne Tragédie bucolique en un acte : op. 82"
  • "Daphne : [bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug von Joseph Gregor : op. 82]"
  • "Daphne [op. 82; bucolic tragedy in one act]"
  • "Daphne"
  • "Daphne op. 82"
  • "Daphne : Bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug"
  • "Daphne bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug"
  • "Daphne op. 82 : bukolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug von Joseph Gregor"
  • "Daphne Burkolische Tragödie in einem Aufzug"