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  • "Never in the 4000-year history of research into pi have results been so prolific as at present. In their book Joerg Arndt and Christoph Haenel describe in easy-to-understand language the latest and most fascinating findings of mathematicians and computer scientists in the field of pi. Attention is focussed on new methods of computation whose speed outstrips that of predecessor methods by orders of magnitude."
  • "CD-ROM contains: hfloat; 400,000,000 decimal places of pi; tutorial on the Fast Fourier Transformation; arithmetical algorithms for high precision; codes from the text; additional C-programs."

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  • "[Pi] - unleased"
  • "Pi - Unleashed"
  • "Pi -- Unleashed"
  • "Pi - unleashed : with CD-ROM"
  • "Pi : unleashed"
  • "Pi-unleashed"
  • "Pi-unleashed"@en
  • "Pi-unleashed - with CD-ROM"