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White Mule

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  • "Erste Schritte in Amerika"
  • "In the money"

  • "White Mule is the first of a trilogy of novels by William Carlos Williams about the immigrant Stecher family in New York at the turn of the 20th century. The "White Mule" of the title refers to Flossie, the angry, assertive, uncompromising baby, who can kick like White Mule whiskey."

  • "Romans (teksten)"
  • "Historical fiction"
  • "Domestic fiction"
  • "Fiction"
  • "Tekstuitgave"

  • "White mule : a novel by William Carlos Williams"
  • "Mule blanche : roman"
  • "White mule : a novel"
  • "White Mule"@en
  • "White Mule"
  • "Whit mule; a novel"@en
  • "White mule"
  • "White mule"@en
  • "White mule [and In the money]"@en
  • "White mule : erste Schritte in Amerika ; Roman"
  • "Mule blanche"
  • "White mule. A novel"
  • "White mule; a novel"
  • "White mule : In the money"@en
  • "White mule : erste Schritte in Amerika : Roman"