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Oral history interview with Sidney Millman,

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  • "Born in Poland, attended City College of New York and Columbia University; Ph.D. work with Isidor I. Rabi; work on nuclear magnetic moments and microwave radar. Columbia Radiation Laboratory, invented Rising Sun Magnetron. Bell Laboratories (James Fisk) magnetrons and travelling wave tubes; Director of Physical Research, 1952; involvement in the constant reorganization of research areas and groups. Breakup of transistor physics of solids, physical electronics group, discussions of work in magnetism, the gyrator (Clarence Lester Hogan), solid state group: transistors, individuals and their specialties; interest in semiconductors. Bell Lab's training programs and educational activities (Conyers Herring, Karl Darrow, Fisk). Balance of administration and research; strengths of department heads. Also prominently mentioned are: Walter Houser Brattain, Lester Halbert Germer, Geschwind, Richard Orvis Grisdale, Homer Hagstrum, Theodore Maiman, Stanley Owen Morgan, and William Shockley."

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  • "Oral history interview with Sidney Millman,"