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African Silences

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  • "African silences"
  • "珍稀動物悲歌"
  • "Zhen xi dong wu bei ge"

  • "African Silences is a powerful and sobering account of the cataclysmic depredation of the African landscape and its wildlife. In this critically acclaimed work Peter Matthiessen explores new terrain on a continent he has written about in two previous books, A Tree Where Man Was Born -- nominated for the National Book Award -- and Sand Rivers. Through his eyes we see elephants, white rhinos, gorillas, and other endangered creatures of the wild. We share the drama of the journeys themselves, including a hazardous crossing of the continent in a light plane. And along the way, we learn of the human lives oppressed by bankrupt political regimes and economies, and threatened by the slow ecological catastrophe to which they have only begun to awaken."
  • "Author's account of his travels in Western Africa in 1978 and in Eastern Africa in 1986 tells of the vanishing worlds of Africa and what is replacing them."

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  • "Reisebericht 1986"
  • "Reisebericht 1978"

  • "Fei zhou chen mo = African silences"
  • "Silences africains"
  • "Fei zhou chen mo"
  • "African Silences"@en
  • "Los Silencios de África"
  • "非洲沉默"
  • "非洲沉默 = African silences"
  • "African silences"
  • "African silences"@en
  • "Los silencios de África"@es
  • "Los silencios de África"
  • "Feizhou chen mo"